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LYSÁ HORA – the biggest peak of Moravia-Silesian Beskydy

Place:Krásná, Malenovice, Ostravice a Staré Hamry
GSM:+420 606 769 010 (pomoc v nouzi - HS Beskydy)
GPS:49°32'44,870"N, 18°26'54,960"E
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It is formed with whole "mountains" by segmentation and surface.

The four main pommels - to south is Čupel, to south-east is Zimný, to north is Malchor - Kyčera and to north-west is Lukšinec - continue by number of others woody edges and peaks. All pommels are practically fully coated by pine or mixed woods. The massif is created by flaggy sandstone.

Topping cleared area - according to old name Gigula - lies already above a forest border, here and there is overgrown by artificially plant with scrub pine.

Lysá Hora is separated from other parts of Beskydy by valleys of Ostravice River and Řečice River - in its lower flow is separated by a bay of Šance dam - in the southwest and southern, by valley of Mohelnice River and partly Moravka River also in the east.

According to a fable were "a mister of Lysá Hora", an outlaw Ondráš (Ondřej Šebesta, 1680 - 1715, born in Janovice) and his company, harboured on Lysá Hora in 18-th century. The Lissa huera appears in old paper in the year 1261 already, but its sense grows up with tourism development, at the end of 19-th century. In the year 1880 was on Lysá erected a shelter hut in memory of an archprince Albrecht climb. In 1894 was initiated with building - up of new shelter hut named by Erzherzog Albrecht- Schutzhaus. First time it was open in 1895. In 1934 was on Lysá Hora built a hut of Czechoslovak tourists club. Afterwards it carried name Bezručova chata (Bezruč Hut). Both huts burned down to the land in 70s.

A telecommunication tower dominates to the peak from a big distance already. Meteorological station which will in 2003 celebrates 50 years of operation measures air temperature, pressure, rainfall and others. In the winter is made an inquiry of snow cover high and ski slope condition. Except of "conventional" information necessary to prognoses weather is proceed monitoring of flyover falling - stones here also.

You can find here memory board of killed, executed and torture to death tourists in the years 1938 - 1945. On hillslope is placed a memorial board of ing.Robert Srkala, who perished in concentrate camp. Between Malchor and Kykulka in direction to Hradová, is situated a stone mound called Ivancena in memory of scouts tortured to death at the time World War II.

At the top is The Rescue Service Station. The snow lies here very long, but last two winter seasons was not able to ski here because of published skiing prohibition and unexplained property relations.

Lysá hora is a symbol of tourism in Beskydy.
Here is a good note to take part in a traditional New Year"s hike and in case of a good weather to feast eyes on endless range of vision of throughout Beskydy and maybe even far as far as to Malá Fatra and Roháče in Slovakia. The peak of Lysá Hora can put on a fog hat and tourist would not see not even to nearest tourist mark how it used to be in mountains.

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